What do we offer?

What do we offer?

NBS Construction Knowledge is an expert resource that provides you with instant online access to a managed collection of hundreds of construction related South African Standards.

It is brought to you by National Specifications, Pty and the South African Bureau of Standards. It provides relevant up to date technical information at a price that offers great value.

Who should use it?

NBS Construction Knowledge is for architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, planners, contractors and many more! It provides essential reference to those designing, specifying or constructing buildings or checking Building Regulations and quality compliance.

What are the benefits?

Instant access to relevant documents at your desktop just when you need them. Access hundreds of standards and keep up to date with new and revised publications.

What are the benefits?
  • Relevant document selection reflecting modern building techniques, technologies and initiatives
  • Current document information updated regularly.
  • Save time with fast and efficient easy to use search tools.
  • Cost effective great value annual subscription fees.


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